What inspires you?

9 Jan

Every time I hear a story about people giving back to their community, helping those in need, or just spreading words of empowerment and positive change- I get inspired! You all inspired me when I saw how much effort went into our food drive. You made a significant difference on peoples lives this Christmas. I LOVE  when people use their lives help others!

Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with media images and information of negative and destructive events and people around the world. While we need to give attention to these events and recognize their significance and impact, we should be reminded of the amazing things “ordinary” people are doing. In fact,when we do this, we soon recognize that there are so many extraordinary people out there.

Here is a story of a couple of normal guys, taking a simple idea, and inspiring others to use their lives to make a difference. I love these guys!

When you have finished watching the video, post your comments on what inspires YOU!


2 Responses to “What inspires you?”

  1. Sarah J. January 15, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    One thing that really inspires me to do the best with my day is when i wake up to a beautiful sunny day. This inspires me because, the sun makes me want to fill my day with activities that I love, to help those in need and to do my best with the life I have now.

    • cnascimento2012 January 16, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

      Sunny days make me feel inspired too Sarah! Even in the winter when its cold and frosty…blue skies while hiking through the snowy mountains is the best! You seem to have a wonderful and positive outlook on life! Welcome to St Alcuin!

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