Grade 7’s Blog on the Canadian Government!

22 May

EVERYTHING you need to know about the branches and levels of the Canadian Government can be found here!

Please thoroughly look throughout their site and complete their survey on what you thought!


Canada VS. Sudan

12 Mar

Our grade 5/6 Social Studies class has been all about the Canadian government since January. Students were asked to research any country in either Eastern Europe,South America, Africa or the Middle East and to answer our focus question: How are other countries different from Canada?

Students were asked to compare the systems of government and the differences in society. I’ve asked the students to think of a unique way to present their information. This has proven to not always be an easy decision to make.  Graeme was able to really deepen his understanding of South Sudan after finding out that his research was interesting and meaningful. I’ve told Graeme that the ultimate goal of your learning experience,in life and in school, is to find meaning behind everything that you do. I think Graeme met that goal. Graeme created a blog and a podcast to present his answer to the focus question. Please feel free to look through his work and leave a comment on what you think.

Thanks Graeme!

south sudan 1  south sudan 2

Olympian to visit Alcuin College!

29 Jan

Yup. We’re pretty lucky to have ski-cross competitor Georgia Simmerling visit us tomorrow- just days before she travels to Sochi,Russia to compete in the Olympic Games!! Just another awesome day at Alcuin College would be an understatement. Welcome Georgia, and good luck!



To game or not to game- is that the question?

23 Jan

Grade7-9’s- What is your response to this news story? Leave your comments below.


They call him, Ötzi.

28 Nov

iceman-oetzi-otzi-reconstructed-new_32525_600x450This is pretty incredible. Listen to the podcast and read up on Mr.Ötzi from other sources. (Thanks  to Mr.Renneson for sharing.) Once you’ve listened to and read about our dear cold friend. Post your comment that answers this: What would you do if YOU were the one that found Ötzi? How can discoveries like these impact our view of the past?

The link to the podcast can be found here

Crisis in Nairobi

23 Sep


GRADE 7-9 Social Studies Students: Have you been listening or watching the news over the last three days? There was a horrible shooting in a mall in the capital of Kenya over the weekend and its reported that 22 people have been killed. Sadly, there are still people being held hostage in the mall.  Find out more about this story on your own and post a comment or a question for us to discuss in class tomorrow.  Think about asking a powerful question.

Cultural Identity

17 Sep

lost boys

During the video you watched today,one of the Sudanese refugees compared having cultural identity to having land. Without either, where would we be? Who would we be?

Leave a comment about what you value about your own cultural identity? Also, explain how you would react to living in a new society that has a vastly different culture than your own. How would you assimilate or acculturate?